About Worthy Elevaton

Bianca Worthy holding out Ancestral Wealth vanilla scented candle under purple tent
Bianca Worthy | Photo by Kwame Ofosu


Worthy Elevation (WE) was created in December 2019 by Bianca Worthy with $137 and a dream of helping women and students find #timetounwind from the daily stressors of life.

Growing up in Griffin, GA, Worthy watched as her parents worked tirelessly to make ends meet with four children in the 90s and early 2000s. With restricted access to mentors and internships available in the area for students to learn their strengths and interests, increase their career awareness, and begin identifying post-secondary options, her parents did their best to expose and guide their children towards careers in the health, beauty, restaurant, sports, fashion, and entertainment industries.

After years of being a Biotechnology major in uninspiring science courses and reading lots of lifestyle magazines in her youth, Worthy set out on a journey of discovering where the beauty and wellness industries intersect with STEAM degrees and certifications. Learning that she could leverage her exercise science background, as well as her chemistry and physics lab experiences, Worthy began experimenting with the effects of aromatherapy candles coupled with yoga asanas on students and entrepreneurs seeking natural stress relief.

With a mission of providing people all over the world with access to resources for finding inner peace, building self-confidence, and reducing limiting beliefs, Worthy envisions to one day provide internships and career opportunities to students and parents interested in STEAM. She hopes that every person who experiences services or products from Worthy Elevation is inspired to pursue more loving memories.


Welcome H(Om)e Jasmine energizing aromatherapy candle and loose leaf tea gift set


WE considers the impact of our decisions to build credibility and trust within the community. Our goal of improving environmental sustainability has led us to choose biodegradable and compostable packing peanuts, recyclable glass, and organic resources to create and transport the most thoughtful gifts of love to your doorsteps.

Worthy Elevation is committed to using our business as a source for good to our environment, suppliers, employees, and customers. Our aromatherapy candles are handmade with flat braided cotton wicks, a proprietary natural coconut wax blend, and candle safe fragrance oils for a sustained scent throughout the life of the wax. The fragrance oils WE sources are also skin safe - free of phthalates, carcinogens, allergens, and reproductive toxins. Our collection of organic loose leaf teas can be seeped to drink and/or infused into luxurious baths and oils.


Bianca Worthy sitting in cowface yoga pose

Worthy obtained her Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour hatha yoga teacher certification in June of 2020, with a focus on offering restorative and kids yoga classes to traditionally marginalized communities.

Our beginner's yoga classes are designed to guide you through meditation techniques to manage emotions, invite calming movement to inflamed joints, and relax your nervous system for a better night's rest. If experiencing physical pain not caused by an underlying disease, Worthy recommends building up your yoga practice strength to 2 - 3x per week, for at least 8 weeks, to feel significant relief from any physical discomfort.

Interested in trying yoga, but intimidated by in-person classes? In our online yoga classes for beginners, you'll mindfully learn foundational asanas that'll empower you to practice wherever you are in the world. No experience on the yoga mat or accessories required! 

If group classes aren't your thing, or you're in need of a private corporate or event yoga instructor, schedule a personalized yoga session to discuss your wellness goals and establish accountability on your wellness journey.


Bianca Worthy with naturally curly hair wearing round, gold lined tortoise shell brown glasses, red lipstick, and a bone colored jumpsuit with the collar folded down.

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