Mini Diffuser

Mini Diffuser

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Take your aromatherapy fragrance with you on your commute or keep your closet smelling fresh with a mini hanging diffuser.

Breathe in your choice of scent for up to two weeks before refreshing the wood again. Liquid should last at least one month if stopper properly replaced after each refresh (environmental temperature will affect rate of diffusion). Diffuser top color varies according to availability.

Fragrance Options:

Ancestral Wealth to encourage love | Walnut + Banana + Vanilla

Calvin to enhance memory | Peppermint + Lavender + Eucalyptus

Case of the Moondays to stimulate mind | Caramel + Cacao + Vanilla

I Am Energized to lift moud | Jasmine + Gardenia + Vanilla

I Am Worthy to improve concentration | Camphor + Lavender + Vetiver

Manifest to invite love | Blood Orange + Pumpkin + Vanilla

Revive to recharge | Bergamot + Lavender + Chamomile